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We supply 100% Australian-created stock photography and video clips. Excitations Stock Photos Australia has 24/7 search, licensing and downloads of royalty-free, editorial and commercial rights-managed stock images and vision. 

High resolution still stock images

For Australian stock images featuring regional, rural, environmental and landscape photos, including our growing range of exclusive content. Visit our archive. Learn more about our Exclusive Range here.

Stock video clips, mostly 4K

Excitations stock video clips are currently available exclusively through Pond5 and their partners. Also, look out for Excitations stock video of Australia under our Exclusive Range. These new video clips will not be available anywhere else.

Monochromatic stock photograph of dust covered farm Australia. illustrating the types images available at  Stock Photos Australia
Dust blankets a parched farming landscape in southeastern Australia

For the latest news

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Stock Photos Australia Exclusive

If you are looking for content not available on every stock platform worldwide, you should try Excitations Stock Photos Australia Exclusive range. These photos and video clips are only licensed from our archives and not shared with our licensing partners.

Better news still is they are, in most cases, priced similarly to widely distributed alternatives. But, even better news, there are also opportunities for geographical buy-outs of rights-managed and editorial images from our exclusive range of content.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help with arranging a rights buy-out. Some of the additional information we will require so that we may better assist you includes.

The industry you are using the image in, the geographical area of intended use, and the duration you would like exclusivity to last. Alternatively, we may ini some cases be able to arrange a complete image rights buyout.

Image rights buyout for stock photography refers to an agreement where the buyer pays a one-time fee to purchase the exclusive, perpetual and unrestricted use of an image. The buyer can use the image in any manner they choose, without any further payments or limitations.

Close image of Cherry Cocktail tomatoes from stock photos Australia exclusive collection.
Not all of the images in Stock Photos Australia Exclusive collection are world beating, iconic images. Many of the photos available are exclusive to our archive and not available anywhere else. rights buy-outs maybe available for some images, as stated above.