AI impacts on photographers

image generated by image software to illustrate AI impacts on photographers

Looking at the AI impacts on photographers and content creators.

I am thinking about the effects of AI on content creators and the need to adjust work practices, habits and, in some cases, career choices. Let’s look at the short term, say now out to 12 months. While this article is about the AI impacts on photographers, it will affect all creatives to varying degrees.

Low-end generic stock photography is dead in the water.

Having already been replaced by user AI-created imagery. As of this week, any home content creator, low-end designer/graphics person can, with a few keystrokes, create visual content instantly for cents.

Copywriters are on the way out.

Most hack writers for advertising, editorial and social content have an extremely short life expectancy. Already copywriting teams are reporting job terminations.

Voiceover-artists replaced

Once, the gods of the industry are now being replaced by AI-generated voices and translations. Even flawed, cheap voice-overs are very attractive to bean counters in large corporations.

Designers, I’m sorry, you too.

Regardless of end outputs, visual designers are headed the way of dinosaurs. In an industry disrupted by cheap and often nasty template-based design, AI will mostly kill the remaining practitioners, except for top-level niche workers.

Photo retouchers, goodbye.

Once a highly skilled workforce, digital transformation placed those skills into the hands of people with completely different skill sets. With the rapid implementation of AI technology into photo software, three hours of work has been reduced to mere minutes. Remember, this is just the beginning.

While I am incredibly excited about the new opportunities, AI presents across the board. I do worry about the ability to adapt to a society where seeing will no longer be believing. Lies, and alternative facts, fake news are all virtually undetectable by most people.

The AI impacts on photographers is only just beginning.

As time progresses, AI’s impacts on photographers’ ways of working will be dwarfed by the overall effect on workers and how work is done. I suspect, unlike the era of automation, AI’s advancement will likely be felt more by administrative staff and middle management. Work requiring a degree of intuition rather than a relatively simple repetitive task will not escape dramatic change this time.

Here are some more thoughts on AI impacts on photography over at Outback Photography

Stock Photos of Mildura

Dramatic photo of speed boat and water skiers on the Murray River near Mildura. Loverly golden tones. Stock photos of Mildura.

Mildura, on the banks of the Murray River

Nestled on the banks of the Murray River, Mildura is a small rural town servicing a large area of northwestern Victoria and far western NSW. It happens to be our home region. Therefore it makes sense that we would have an extensive collection of stock photos of Mildura.

Photo of sunsetting over Mildura with thriver Murray and houseboats in the foreground. High camera angle. Stock photos of Mildura
The Murray River is home to several small regional cities and towns across South Eastern Australia. Providing essential water and lifestyle activities to a sparse inland population.

Of course, we also have a growing collection of HD and 4K stock videos of Mildura and its surrounds. These clips are licensed exclusively through Pond5. There are also links here to some of our popular searches.

The Mildura District

Embrace the Laid-back Charm of Mildura: A Glimpse into Australia’s Casual Style
In the heart of Victoria, Australia, lies the picturesque town of Mildura. Known for its warm climate, rich history, and relaxed atmosphere, Mildura embodies the essence of casual Australian style. From its stunning natural landscapes to its vibrant local culture, this hidden gem offers a delightful escape from urban life.
Mildura’s unique blend of rural heritage and modern influences makes it an ideal setting for capturing authentic Australian moments, with many stock photos and video clips showcasing Mildura’s beauty.

Spectacular red sunset over salt lake near Mildura, Victoria, Australia. Stock Photos of Mildura
Late evening Summer thunderstorm skips past a salt lake at Yelta, near Mildura

The region offers an array of visually stunning content, from the majestic Murray River and its sun-kissed banks to the lush vineyards that produce some of Australia’s finest wines.

When it comes to promoting Australian-made content, Mildura is a treasure trove. Its thriving agricultural industry, local markets brimming with fresh produce, and charming boutiques featuring handmade crafts provide ample material for showcasing the country’s creative spirit and entrepreneurial drive.

Red table grapes hanging on vine near Mildura, Australia.
Red Globe table grapes on the vine.

Whether you’re a travel blogger, a marketing professional, or a content creator, Mildura’s laid-back charm and true Australian style will captivate your audience. So, dive into the stock photos of Mildura archive and our available video clips.

Australian pelicans, slightly comical photo of an adult pelican with beak open.
A group of Australian pelicans resting and preening themselves along the waters’ edge of a billabong, Yelta, Victoria, Australia.

Thunderstorms in southern Australia

Low level, dramatic storm clouds over salt lake southern Australia. Stock photo by excitations and stock photos Australia

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in southern Australia, particularly during the summer months of December to February. The hot and humid conditions in the region during these months create the perfect environment for thunderstorms to form.

Time-lapse stock footage of thunderstorms brewing in southern Australia.

More weather stock video clips here

The formation of thunderstorms is a result of the combination of several meteorological factors, including warm air rising, the presence of moist air, and instability in the lower atmosphere. As warm air rises, it cools and condenses into clouds, and when the clouds become sufficiently tall, thunderstorms can develop.

The southern regions of Australia, particularly along the coast, experience some of the highest rainfall during the summer months, with thunderstorms often bringing heavy rain and strong winds. The sudden downpour can cause flash flooding and road closures, disrupting daily life for residents.

Violent thunderstorm sweeps over a saline drainage lake near Mildura, Victoria, Australia. Not digitally retouched, available for licensing, contact us

However, thunderstorms can also bring much-needed relief from the heat, especially in rural areas where the intense summer heat can cause heat stress in livestock and damage crops.

Despite the potential for disruption, thunderstorms are a natural and important part of the meteorological cycle in southern Australia. They help to regulate the temperature, distribute moisture, and provide a source of water for the region’s vegetation.

License here

In conclusion, thunderstorms are a common occurrence in southern Australia during the summer months and can bring both benefits and challenges. It is important for residents to be prepared for the potential impacts of thunderstorms and to take necessary precautions, such as seeking shelter during severe storms and avoiding driving through flooded roads.

We have more cloud formations in our natural backgrounds archive.

Unique royalty-free stock photo backgrounds of Australia

Natural royalty-free stock photo backgrounds

Stock photo backgrounds of beautiful weathered artistic photo of softly coloured weather worn rocks.
Textured patterns in rock, photographed at Marengo Beach, Victoria, Australia.

Natural backgrounds

For those of you looking for stock photo backgrounds of nature based content, we have you covered. Whether you are looking for, clouds, dried mud, foliage, water, or any other background photos from nature, we have them.

The vast majority of our natural backgrounds are sharp and in focus, however, we are now adding new, less obtrusive, out of focus style images to our collection. Much of the new content being added is exclusive to our site. Which is important, if you are creating something that you want to be uniquely yours. What do they call that? Oh, yeah, branding.

While I waffle on about exclusive content, let me explain if you see a watermark across one of our images that says exclusive. It is precisely that and hasn’t been distributed to any other library full-stop. Previously we had been supplying exclusive content to an external image library. However, we discovered they were re-distributing that exclusive content to a network of well-known providers as general content. Let’s just say, were are not amused.

But back to talking about background images. Most of you will realise that not every background image needs to be specifically created as a background. Generic street scenes and landscapes also make excellent visual relief in your designs. You will find plenty of the latter in our library.

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Female Queensland Fruit Fly laying eggs in an apple for Stock Photos Australia blog post Archive Cookies
Bactrocera tryoni or female Queensland Fruit Fly, stinging an apple, Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

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